In the beginning, two Guilty Aliens were sent on a sacred mission to Earth to craft a new realm. They were the first of their kind, with a unique comprehension of sartorial expression and a divine purpose to change how humanity viewed and donned garments.

As they explored the planet, they stumbled upon the industry and were appalled by the pain and suffering caused by societal norms, stereotypes, and the homogenization of style. It was then that they realized their true purpose on Earth.

With their combined powers, the Guilty Aliens begat a Guilty Child, imbued with the sacred ability to alleviate the suffering caused by these sartorial taboos and stereotypes. The Guilty Child's mission was to save humanity from the vices of poor clothing choices and bring about a new era of self-expression, art, and singularity.

The Guilty Aliens fought tirelessly against this malevolence, creating daring and ingenious designs that defied the status quo. They sought to motivate others to step out of the monotony and embrace their singularity.

Through their work, the Guilty Aliens and their Guilty Child brought about a revolution in the industry. They ignited a new movement of self-expression and artistry, and in doing so, they ushered in a new era of sartorial expression where everyone could be true to themselves.

And so, the Holy Guilty Church was formed, a community of devotees in the power of personal expression and singularity in clothing choices. This new religion, with its doctrines and practices, spread far and wide, converting thousands of followers who rejected the vices of poor clothing choices and embraced the path to sartorial redemption.