This campaign includes a 4 stages of angel transformation.
STAGE 1: Little angel is in heaven, but isn’t happy. He doesn’t feel anything. So he gets the chance and is sent back to earth to relive his life.But this time it will not influence his path after death. He knows that whatever he does in his life this time, will not influence wether he will go to hell or heaven.
STAGE 2: Young boy is back on earth, and now he can finally do all the things he always wanted to, but hasn’t done because he didn’t want to end up in hell.He becomes a leader of a cult with unusual religious beliefs that doesn’t follow social norms and is filled with evil philosophy.
STAGE 3: He goes to the church that his mom used to take him to as a child. He burns it. He laughs at it.
STAGE 4: After what he did, He is still felt no emotions, so he decides to go to his favourite garden that he usually went to think and relax.There he starts feeling all primary human emotions again: anger, disgust, fear, happiness, and sadness all at the same time. He experienced an incredible euphoria of feelings he never had before.
Is he guilty ?

Hailun Ma x Guilty
Hailun Ma is a photographer from China, based in Shanghai and has a very interesting style of photography.
She mainly focuses on youth and likes to use different culture elements in her work (e.g., East Vs West)
We decided to connect her talent with Guilty and we did a love concentrated photo session.
Because we believe love has various forms and shapes, the primary aspect of our photoshoot was to expose
pure love between two beings no matter how common or uncommon they are.
We wanted to capture honesty and intimacy in one.

This campaign is a mirror of stereotypical 80’s USA families in an enhanced, guilty way. Inspiration from the 90’s awkward commercial ads and uncommon combinations.